Need quality skip bin hire in Reservoir? Look no further than Jim’s Skip Bins Reservoir! We offer a variety of bin sizes, ranging from mini skip to large commercial bins. Whether you are doing a small household clean out or working on a construction site, we can cater for your skip bins requirements. With our prompt delivery and friendly service, you can rely on Jim’s Skip Bins Reservoir. Having been around for more than 2 decades, we know a thing or two about quality customer service. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust Jim’s Jim’s Skips Bins Reservoir to provide quality skip bin hire.

Looking to hire a skip in Reservoir and surrounding areas?

Are you renovating your new home or doing some landscaping in the backyard? Regardless of your project specifics, you’ll need to dispose of your waste responsibly. At Jim’s Skip Bins Reservoir, we are the waste management experts. We can dispose of your rubbish safely and sustainably, adhering to City of Darebin council regulations. Whether it be bricks, garden materials, dry paint or whitegoods, we’ll sort and manage your rubbish.

As Reservoir locals, we’re passionate about conserving our suburb. At Jim’s Skips Bins Reservoir, we want to keep rubbish out of the Edwardes Lake and off our neighbourhood streets. By disposing of your waste sustainably, you are doing your part to help the environment. Make the environmentally conscious choice by trusting Jim’s Skip Bins Reservoir and hiring a skip bin.

About the Reservoir area

Reservoir is the ideal combination of inner-city living and affordable family neighbourhoods. Often named one of the best northern suburbs, it’s no surprise that many decide to settle in Reservoir. With various sports clubs, great schools and a flourishing entertainment scene, there’s a lot to love. The Edwardes Lake and various green spaces add a sense of tranquility to the large and rapidly growing suburb. With many families choosing to live in Reservoir, renovations and construction sites are commonplace. Sustainably disposing of the waste from these sites is essential in order to protect the Reservoir environment. You can do your part by hiring a skip bin from Jim’s Skip Bins. Trust the waste management experts.

Skip Bin Sizes Available in Reservoir

2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Our mini skip is great for those little odd jobs like cleaning up the yard or very minor renovations

3 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Ideal if you’re doing a small renovation like a bathroom, laundry or other small room

4 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Great for if you’re moving out of an apartment and want to get rid of old furniture and whitegoods

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Great for if you’re moving out of a house and want to get rid of old furniture and whitegoods

8 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Great for bigger renovation projects or larger moves


Reservoir, officially Melbourne’s largest suburb, is governed locally by the City of Darebin. It is still best for you if you can manage to locate your skip bin entirely within the boundary of your own private property. A permit is only required if your bin needs to be placed on public land.

It’s important to be aware that the council considers the road verge (or “nature strip”) and the portion of your driveway that crosses the sidewalk to be public land, even though you have the responsibility of maintaining those areas. So even placing the bin on the driveway outside your own home or on the nature strip of your home means you will need to have a permit.

Permits are not automatically granted just because you pay the permit fee. The council will make a decision based on an assessment of the proposed bin placement. The minimum requirements are described in the Vic Roads Code of Practice for the Placement of Waste Bins, and there can be additional requirements as well.

Fortunately if you do need a permit, Jim’s is here to help. We have plenty of experience in successfully applying for skip bin permits on behalf of our customers, and we have more than enough public liability insurance to satisfy the council that there is no risk attached to issuing the permit. If you need assistance with obtaining Reservoir skip bins permit, simply call 131-546 and we’ll be ready to help you get the job done with the best skip bin hire prices in Victoria.

Why Choose Jim’s for Skip Bin Hire?

There are a number of reasons to choose Jim’s Skip Bins:
We are flexible. You tell us how long you want the bin for and that is all you will pay for. Many other skip bin hire companies only have fixed hire periods, meaning that you will pay for bin time that you don’t need. Not with Jim’s.
We are reliable. Jim’s is the name you can trust, we have been serving Australia and the world for decades now, when you book Jim’s you can be sure you will get the best bin price, the best service, and the best result. You can trust Jim’s.
We are compliant with council by-laws. Our franchisees know their areas and are completely compliant with council by-laws. They’ll organise all the necessary permits and advise where the skip can be placed based on this.
We are Licensed, Accredited and Insured. Our franchisees hold all the required licenses and accreditations to operate their business and this ensures that we offer a safe, efficient and reliable skip bin hire. In the unlikely event an accident occurs our insurance will have you covered.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take customer satisfaction seriously which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our bins or our service we will rectify the situation, and that is a promise.


We are here to make waste disposal as convenient and easy as it possible can be. If you need advice about what you can or can not dispose of in a skip bin, just give us a call. We can help with anything you need, including providing referrals to the various authorities that handle certain classes of restricted waste such as toxic chemicals, medical waste, flammable liquids, and hazardous items such as weapons or explosives.

Needless to say, none of these items can be disposed of in a skip bin. They must be dealt with in a proscribed manner which can vary depending on the nature of the item requiring disposal. Our number is 131-546 if you have any questions or wish to make a reservation. We offer skip bin hire in Melbourne and all over Victoria.

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