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Jim’s Skips offers fast and affordable waste management solutions for domestic and commercial projects all across Melbourne. Disposing of your domestic or commercial rubbish the right way is essential to following the law, avoiding fines and doing your part for the environment. We provide the widest range of rubbish skip sizes to meet your needs for any type of project. Whether you’re doing a kitchen renovation, a garden project or large commercial construction, our skips can help you get the job done.

Our network of skip bin facilities covers everywhere in Melbourne and surrounding regions, from St Kilda to Moonee Ponds, Brimbank to Box Hill and everywhere in between. With skips from 2m3 to 10m3 in size and hire periods that are completely flexible to your needs, skip bin hire is easier and more accessible than ever. 

Our mission is to make sustainable waste management easy, affordable and accessible to every Australian. That’s why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, because we’re committed to offering the best service every time.

Our Melbourne Locations

What you need to know about hiring a Skip Bin in Melbourne

Council rules and regulations can be difficult to understand, but costly to get wrong. We make hiring a skip bin easy. That’s why we’ve broken down the local and state regulations for skip bin hire into three simple things: the location of your bin, the contents of your bin and the capacity of your bin. 

The location of your bin

Where you intend to place your bin will determine whether or not you require permission from your local council to do so. Skip bins on private property do not require approval from the council. As long as the bin will not block or interfere with any public land or pathways then you are free to keep the bin on your property as long as you need. If you do intend to locate your skip bin completely or partially on public land, then you will need to seek the approval of your local council. Placing a skip bin on public land without council approval can result in financial penalties. Each council has their own unique process and requirements for this approval. We recommend that you begin this application as early as possible to ensure you have time to receive approval before your project begins. 

The contents of your bin

What you intend to put in your bin is an important thing to consider. Not all rubbish can go in all types of bins. For example, green waste skips can only take organic waste, standard skips can’t take construction materials, but builder’s skips can. To find out more about which skip is right for which materials, check out what can & can’t go in. 

While getting the right skip for the right waste is important, there are some materials that can’t be disposed of in a rubbish skip. Local and state laws prohibit the dumping of hazardous and harmful materials in skips. Examples of prohibited hazardous waste includes:

  • Asbestos or construction materials that contain asbestos
  • Batteries 
  • Car tyres 
  • Electrical appliances (electric stove, freezer, dishwasher, computer, and television etc)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs 
  • Medical waste (needles, syringes etc) 
  • Petrol, solvent, and paint 

The capacity of your bin

The capacity of your bin is an important thing to keep in mind when renting a skip. Melbourne road laws prohibit the transportation of any uncovered skip bins. We are therefore unable to pick up any of our bins that have been filled beyond the capacity of the container. It is important that you do not overfill your bin or have any items protruding beyond the rim of the container. If you do, we will need to remove those items and return for a second trip at your cost. To avoid incurring such additional costs, we highly recommend choosing a skip size larger than you anticipate to account for any additional waste that may be created during your project. 

Skip Bin Sizes for hire in Melbourne

Our extensive range of skip bin sizes available in Melbourne includes: 

Mini Skip Bin Hire

Our smallest size bins are the ‘mini skips’ which are 2m3 in capacity. Mini skips are roughly equivalent to 25 large garbage bags, which is plenty of disposal space for small home or commercial projects. 

Midi Skip Bin Hire

The next size up are our ‘midi skips’ which come in either the 3m3 or 4m3 capacities. The midi skips are a convenient size for many home projects as they are small enough to fit in most front or backyards, allowing you to avoid the council approval process. Despite this, they are large enough to provide enough space to support many home renovation or backyard projects. 

Standard Skip Bin Hire

Our ‘standard skips’ are the most popular sizes and are available in both the 6m3 or 8m3 sizes. These bins are also known as ‘builder’s skips’ as they can be used to dispose of construction materials like bricks and concrete. Standard skips feature convenient drop-down doors that allow easy access to fill. 

Maxi Skip Bin Hire

Our largest size skips are known as the ‘maxi skips’ and are available in 9m3 or 10m3 capacities. Maxis are the optimal choice for any large or long term project that is likely to generate a large quantity of waste. 

Why Choose Jim’s for Skip Hire in Melbourne?

Jim’s are the trusted choice for skip bin hire in Melbourne and the surrounding regions. With the widest network of professionals and the best range of skip bin sizes, we make sustainable waste management accessible to everyone. Our list of happy and returning customers keeps growing because of our commitment to providing a service that is flexible, reliable and comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Flexible Skip Bin Hire Periods

We understand that it’s difficult to know the exact amount of time needed for a project. Whether it’s a backyard build or a commercial construction, unplanned events occur and timeframes can change. When this happens, the last thing you want to have to think about is having your bin taken away or negotiating with the skip service to let you keep it. That’s why we offer completely flexible skip bin hire periods that can be adjusted to your needs and your schedule. With hire periods that can be changed as needed, we take the worry out of skip hire and let you concentrate on the work at hand. 

Reliable Service

When you hire a skip bin with us, you know that it will arrive on time, where you need it and to the exact specifications that you ordered. You also know that we will be ready to empty it when requested and will have it back on site for you and ready as soon as possible. These are the pillars of our service that have been unchanged since we first began serving the Melbourne community in 1989. Since then our network has grown and our communication systems have developed, but our reliable service has remained the same. 

100% satisfaction guarantee on Skip Bin Hire

We strive to deliver the best service for every one of our customers. Each job we do is a chance to prove our commitment to quality and professionalism. That’s why we maintain clear communication, friendly customer service and a product that arrives where you need it, when you need it, every time. With our flexible hire periods, free quotes for our services and wide network of professionals, we are sure we can provide an excellent customer experience. That’s why we are confident in offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

What you need to know about renting a skip bin in Melbourne

Before you rent your skip bin in Melbourne, there are just three key things you need to know: 

1. What you plan to put in your bin

The type of waste your project will create will determine the type of bin you need. To find out more about which bin would be right for you, contact our team

2. The size skip bin you need

We offer a wide range of sizes to suit any type of project. It’s recommended that you calculate approximately how much waste your project will create to help you choose the right size. For more information visit our skip bin sizes page.

3. Your budget for skip bin hire

The price of your skip bin hire will depend on the type of bin you choose, the duration of your hire and the amount of times you need it to be emptied. For a free quote for your next skip bin hire, fill out the online quote request form and we’ll get right back to you. 

Keep Australia Clean

State and local laws prohibit the dumping of waste from home or commercial projects. Ensuring that you have a sustainable waste management strategy is part of following the law and playing your part in keeping our streets clean. We follow all local, state and national regulations for the sustainable disposal of waste and exclusively use waste facilities that meet Australian recycling standards. 

Choosing Jim’s skip bin hire for your next project means doing your part to keep your community clean and our environment safe. To learn more about our services or to get a free quote for your next skip bin hire, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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