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Jim’s Skips provides easy and affordable skip bin hire all across Brisbane. If you’re in Woolloongabba, Cleveland, Ipswich, Morayfield, Loganholme or anywhere in between, our trusted service for bin hire in Brisbane can help you. Disposing of your domestic or commercial rubbish the right way is essential to following the law, avoiding fines and doing your part for the environment. Our Brisbane skip hire makes this easier than ever. Whether you’re doing a home renovation, an office clearout, a heavy construction job or a routine clean, hiring a skip bin makes the process easier. Simply throw your unwanted items in the skip and our team will do the rest. 

We are the trusted choice for rubbish skips Brisbane because of our commitment to sustainable waste management and customer satisfaction. We are committed to keeping Australia clean, which is why we ensure that all our skip rubbish is disposed of according to local environmental regulations and practices. By choosing Jim’s for your Brisbane skip hire, you’re doing your part for the environment. Our mission is to make sustainable waste management easy, affordable and accessible to every Australian. That’s why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, because we’re committed to offering the best service every time. 

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What you need to know about hiring a Skip Bin in Brisbane

When it comes to hiring a Skip Bin in Brisbane, there are a few important regulations that you must be aware of. The key restrictions around skip bin hire regulate where you can place your skip, what you can dispose of and how high you can fill your skip. 

Skip Bin Location

Each council region has its own specific bylaws and regulations that determine the processes you must follow for using public land or property. As such, if you intend to have your skip bin placed on a footpath, nature strip or road, then you will need to check the regulations for your local council. Most municipalities in Brisbane will require you to apply for a permit from your local council in order to have a skip bin placed on public property. If you intend to have your skip placed on the road, then you will also need to make an application to do so with the Queensland Police. If you wish for your skip bin to be placed on your private property, then it is unlikely you will need a permit, however you should still check with your local council to be safe. 

Skip Bin Content Restrictions

While a skip bin is ideal for easy disposal of most types of waste, due to environmental legislation there are some materials that cannot be thrown in with the rest of your rubbish. State and federal law prohibits the disposal of environmentally harmful waste, including asbestos, liquids, tyres, paints, solvents, acids, oils, poisons, needles, syringes, explosives and any other hazardous substances in standard skip bins. If you have any such prohibited waste material that you need assistance disposing of, you can contact us about specialty skip bin hire for hazardous material. 

Skip Bin Transport Regulations

Under Queensland Transport Law, skip bins cannot be moved if they are filled beyond the top rim or have items protruding in any direction. As such, it is imperative that all waste is contained within the capacity of the skip. Any excess of the skip’s capacity must be removed prior to its transit to ensure compliance with local and state transport regulations. For this reason, we always recommend that you hire a skip bin size greater than your estimated waste volume to ensure there is no overfill that could necessitate the hiring of a second skip. 

Skip Bin Sizes for hire in Brisbane

Our full range of skip bin sizes for hire in Brisbane includes everything from two cubic metre ‘mini skips’ all the way up to ten cubic metre ‘maxi skips’. Our range caters for any of your domestic or commercial waste management needs, including easy drop-down doors for convenient access. 

Mini Skip Bin Hire

The 2m3 skip bin is known as the ‘mini skip bin’ as it is the smallest available size skip for hire. The mini skip bin is ideal for domestic projects as it is a convenient size for fitting on private property while still offering a capacity suitable to most home waste disposal needs. Our mini skip is recommended for anyone who requires disposal of around 25 large rubbish bags or less.

Midi Skip Bin Hire

The ‘midi skip bin’ sizes come in either the 3m3 or 4m3 capacities. The midi skip bins are the ideal choice for most home renovation or remodelling projects. These are especially useful for kitchen, bathroom or garden clearances which tend to escalate in waste volume over the course of the project. 

Standard Skip Bin Hire

The 6m3 and 8m3 skip bins are our standard sizes as they are suitable for most domestic and commercial waste management projects. Both standard skip bin sizes are available with drop-down doors which are highly convenient for easy access during a large clearance or remodelling project. The 6m3 skip bin is known as a ‘builder’s skip’ as this is the favoured choice for most building projects. However the 8m3 skip is the recommended size for most construction projects without clear volume estimates. 

Maxi Skip Bin Hire

Our ‘maxi skip bin’ range includes both the 9m3 and 10m3 sizes. These extra large skip bin sizes are perfect for projects anticipating bulky waste or large scale disposal. Generally the maxi skip bin sizes are favoured by those conducting large household cleanouts or medium to large commercial projects with high volume waste. 

Why Choose Jim’s for Skip Hire in Brisbane?

Choosing Jim’s for your Brisbane skip hire means choosing a reliable service with proven quality, competitive prices and exceptional customer service. The Jim’s network has been operating since 1989. In that time it has grown into one of Australia’s best known brands due to a commitment to providing the highest quality service that is fast, friendly and affordable. For almost two decades Jim’s Skips has been a flagship division of the Jim’s brand. We chalk this down to our ability to offer our customers flexible skip bin hire periods, reliable service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Flexible Skip Bin Hire Periods

We understand that everyone has different needs, circumstances and budgets when it comes to hiring a skip bin. You should only pay for the time you actually need the bin. That’s why we offer fully flexible skip bin hire periods. We’ve thrown the ‘fixed hire periods’ used by other companies in the bin. Instead, we cater our service to your needs and put you in control. You’ll only be charged for the time you need the skip bin, not for any extra time. If you need to alter your hire period, just let us know and we’ll be happy to adjust it for you!

Reliable Service

There’s a reason that Jim’s is the brand that everyone knows. It’s the consistent quality of our service. No matter where you are in Brisbane or what your needs are, you can count on the fact you’ll be getting the same great service, on time, every time. If you want a skip bin hire that’s easy to organise, affordably priced, will show up where you need it, when you need it, Jim’s Skips is the choice you can trust.

100% satisfaction guarantee on Skip Bin Hire

We’ve been providing Brisbane with reliable skip bin hire for almost two decades now. Our commitment has always been to provide every new and returning customer with an excellent experience. It’s due to our track record of providing top quality service that we are confident in offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every Brisbane skip bin hire. 

What you need to know about renting a skip in Brisbane

Before you start your Brisbane skip bin hire, there are a few things you need to know:

1. What you plan to put in your bin

Hazardous, dangerous or environmentally harmful substances cannot be put in skip bins. Due to environmental laws in Brisbane, these materials are prohibited from being disposed of in regular landfills or mixed with recyclable items. You should also note that construction material such as concrete and bricks, as well as green waste like soil, cannot be placed in all types of skips. If you wish to dispose of these materials, you will require a builder’s skip. For more information on the type of waste suitable for each skip, visit our skip bin sizes page or contact our team

2. The size skip bin you need

It’s a good idea to have an idea of the amount of waste you estimate you will have for your project before you contact us. You should always choose a size larger than you think you will need to be safe, as overfilling your skip will result in multiple trips or extra skip hire. This will cost you more in the long run than hiring a larger skip. Visit our skip bin sizes page to help get an idea of the available bin sizes. 

3. Your budget for skip bin hire

The total cost of your skip bin hire will depend on three key factors: the size of the bin, the duration of the hire period and the number of times you require your skip to be emptied. For exact prices and more information on the cost, give us a call on 131 546 or fill out the online quote request form. We happily provide free quotes for all of our Brisbane skip bin services.

Keep Australia Clean

We are dedicated to providing sustainable waste management solutions to all of Australia. All of our processes are rigorously designed to follow Brisbane’s state and local environmental regulations. That’s why we dispose of all our waste according to local landfill regulations and only use approved landfills that meet Australian recycling standards. Ensure that your next domestic or commercial project is following the law and doing its part to keep Australia clean by choosing Jim’s Skip Bins. 

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