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We bring fast, affordable and reliable waste management straight to your property. With a huge range of skip bin sizes and a network that covers all of Perth, we make dealing with rubbish easy. We provide skip services for all of Greater Perth. From Fremantle to Alexander Heights, Duncraig to Canning Vale, Yanchep to Rockingham and everywhere in between. Our skips are ideal to help with any type of project. It’s essential to have the capacity to sustainably dispose of any rubbish you create, whether it’s a domestic or commercial job. So if you’re doing home renovations, garden maintenance, commercial construction or an office clearout, we’ve got a skip bin to suit your needs.

When you hire a skip in Perth, you’re choosing to do your part to keep your community clean. We believe that everyone should have access to a quick, low cost and simple solution to managing their rubbish. That’s why we are committed to providing a quality service that delivers skip bins in a range of sizes with flexible hire periods to all of Perth. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free quotes that allow you to enquire without any obligation to commit. So get in touch today and help keep Australia clean.

Our Perth Locations

What you need to know about hiring a Skip Bin in Perth

Perth regulations for skip bins restrict where you can put your bin, what you can put in your bin and how you fill your bin. Below we’ll cover exactly what you need to know. 

Skip Bin Location

When it comes to hiring a skip in Perth, it’s important to keep in mind where you want to place it. Each local government area will have its own regulations so it’s important to check with your council about its local laws, but in general you can place a skip on private property without the need to apply for permission. As long as the skip does not extend onto public land or obstruct any public space, you are within your rights to park your skip there. However, if you intend to have your skip placed on public land, you will need to apply for a permit from your local council. It’s important to do this ahead of time so that you can get the necessary approval before the arrival of your bin. 

Skip Bin Content Restrictions

While a skip bin is a great solution to managing most common types of rubbish and waste, there are still a number of materials that you cannot place in a skip. Perth laws restrict the disposal of asbestos, car tyres, liquids, batteries and supersix fencing in standard skip bins. You are also prohibited from dumping food waste, hazardous materials and tree stumps greater than 30cm in diameter. 

Skip Bin Filling Regulations

In addition to restrictions on what you can place in a skip, there are also restrictions on how you fill your skip bin. In Perth it is illegal to transport skips that are overfilled or have items protruding from them. As such, we cannot accept skips that are overflowing and will remove any excess materials. These will need to be transported in a second trip. To avoid incurring costs for additional transportation, we recommend hiring a larger size to account for any waste that may exceed your initial estimates. 

Skip Bin Sizes for hire in Perth

We offer the following skip bin sizes:

Mini Skip Bin Hire

Our smallest size bin is the ‘mini skip’ which has a volume of 2m3. This capacity is roughly equivalent to 25 large garbage bags. This skip is ideal for home projects as it is big enough to hold most waste for small jobs while small enough to fit easily on most properties. 

Midi Skip Bin Hire

Our next sizes are known as ‘midi skips’ and come in either 3m3 or 4m3 capacities. Midi skips are a good balance between size and portability. While still compact enough to fit in your front yard, they can hold enough rubbish for a large home project or small commercial job. 

Standard Skip Bin Hire

Our standard skip bins are the 6m3 and 8m3 sizes. These are the most popular bin sizes and the ones you will most commonly see around construction sites. Standard skips come with drop-down doors which allow easy access. The 6m3 skip is also known as the ‘builder’s skip’ as you can use them to dispose of most types of waste and construction material, such as bricks and concrete. 

Maxi Skip Bin Hire

Our largest skips are the maxis, which come in both 9m3 and 10m3 sizes. A maxi skip is ideal for large commercial projects as they will have enough capacity to throw most rubbish without having to empty it often. The maxi size is also perfect for holding bulky and oversize waste that may be too large to safely fit in a standard skip. 

Why Choose Jim’s for Skip Hire in Perth?

Jim’s Skips has been providing great service and sustainable waste management solutions since 1989. Through our wide network and huge range of bin sizes and varieties, the perfect skip for your needs is never far away. In addition to providing fast service and free quotes, there are three great reasons to choose Jim’s for your skip hire in Perth.   

Flexible Skip Bin Hire Periods

The last thing you want to worry about when managing a project is a skip service hounding you about exceeding your hire period. That’s why we offer flexible skip bin hire periods that can be adapted and changed to suit your needs. Simply get in touch with our friendly team and they can create a plan that works for you. 

Reliable Service

When you hire a skip bin with us there are a number of things you can rely on. The skip will be ready when you need it and delivered when you need it. The bin will be the size you requested and the quality you require to get the job done. The team will be friendly, professional and ready to help out however they can. This is the service you can expect every time. 

100% satisfaction guarantee on Skip Bin Hire

We strive to ensure that we meet your needs and deliver what we promise. We’ve been helping the Perth community with waste management for years. We’re happy to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because our commitment is to provide you with a quality service that you can rely on.

What you need to know about renting a skip bin in Perth

We make renting a skip bin in Perth easy. Our team can talk you through everything you need to know and will happily create a flexible hire period for you. When it comes to hiring your skip there are just three things you need to keep in mind: 

1. What you plan to put in your bin

It’s important to remember that not all waste can be disposed of in a skip and not all skips are the same. A general waste bin will allow you to discard most household items, such as boxes, wood, cabinets, white goods, carpet etc. However, you can’t discard construction waste such as bricks, concrete and soil in these. A builder’s skip – the standard 6m3 bin – allows you to dump most types of waste. A green waste skip is specifically for organic waste such as grass, branches, wood, bark etc. 

Finally, there are certain hazardous materials – such as asbestos, batteries, liquids and food waste – that cannot be disposed of in skips. To find out more about what you can put in a skip and which type of bin suits your needs, you can contact our team who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

2. The size skip bin you need

Choosing the right size skip for your needs is important. It’s important to have a rough estimate of how much waste you will have to determine which is right for you. We always recommend choosing a slightly larger size to account for any extra waste you might create through your project. Visit our skip bin sizes page to learn more about the options available. 

3. Your budget for skip bin hire

The price of your skip bin hire is based on three factors: the length of your hire period, the type of skip you choose and the number of times you need it emptied. We offer free quotes to help you calculate the budget for your skip bin hire. Simply give us a call or fill out the online quote request form

Keep Australia Clean

Sustainable waste management is important to maintaining clean communities and a healthy environment. That’s why we abide by all local, state and national environmental regulations. We exclusively use landfills that meet Australian recycling standards. You can play your part in keeping Australia clean by hiring a skip with us for your next home or commercial project. Get in touch today on 131 546. 

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