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Skip Bin Hire in East Hammersley

We have a huge range of waste containers available for short and long term hire.
We offer 2 metre, 3 metre 4 metre, 6 metre, 8 metre rubbish bins and car waste removal in some areas.

For over 17 years Jim’s waste removal franchises have developed a reputation second to none.
Our franchise is governed by the Jim’s Group 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you are fully satisfied with our service.

No matter how big or how small we have bins for hire to suit your needs like the mini bins.
Call us today or “book a bin” today and remove that unwanted rubbish and waste from your home or business.

See our complete list of services below.

Book your skip bin hire in East Hammersley with Jim’s

No name is more synonymous with home maintenance services in Australia than Jim’s. We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years, and we’re constantly growing our business to cover more locations and provide even more services.

Now we are offering skip bin hire in East Hammersely from Jim’s Skip Bins. When you need a skip bin, hire it from us because we’ve proved that we’re trustworthy, we have plenty of options for you, we’ll give you the best value, and it’s all backed by Jim’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. All this adds up to the best deal on skip bins in East Hammersley.

Is a permit needed for skip bins in East Hammersley?

East Hammersley is governed locally by the City of Stirling. The policies of this council only require you to get a permit if your skip bin needs to be placed on public land. If you can manage to fit the skip bin entirely within the boundary of your own privately held land, you won’t need a permit.

If by some chance you do need to locate your skip bin on public land, Jim’s can help you obtain the necessary approval. You will just need to make sure that the arrangements are put in place well in advance of the date you need the skip bin delivered, to make sure that all the paperwork is completed before that date.

Because it’s much simpler, more convenient, and easier to afford, we recommend doing everything possible to make room on your own land for the skip bin to be accommodated.

How to get a skip bin

Call Jim’s Skip Bins on 131-546 and request for one to be delivered. There are three different sizes of skip bins available to choose from, and we’ll deliver directly to you on the hire date, and also pick up the bin when it’s ready for collection.

To ensure availability of the bin you need on the day you need it, it’s best to book in advance.

Using your skip bin

Skip bins provide a convenient and simple way to handle the bulk disposal of waste. Provided that you exercise some common sense, you should not experience any problems. There are some items you should not place in a skip bin, because in doing so you could be violating federal, stae, and local laws.

Items that are volatile (highly flammable or explosive), toxic, likely to cause pollution, potentially infectious, and so on, can not be disposed of in this way. That includes things like batteries, chemicals, petrol, firearms, ammunition, explosives, and so on.

While most of the items seem obvious, there are some that may catch you out if you’re not aware of them. Plasterboard is a good example. While it may seem harmless, the gypsum content can cause biodegradable substances to produce hydrogen sulphide gas, which is very toxic and unpleasant.

If you have any doubts about what you can and can’t throw out, call us on 131-546 for advicea about skip bin hire in East Hammersley. We are always happy to help.

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