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Skip Bin Hire in Greensborough

We have a huge range of waste containers available for short and long term hire.
We offer 2 metre, 3 metre 4 metre, 6 metre, 8 metre rubbish bins and car waste removal in some areas.

For over 17 years Jim’s waste removal franchises have developed a reputation second to none.
Our franchise is governed by the Jim’s Group 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you are fully satisfied with our service.

No matter how big or how small we have bins for hire to suit your needs like the mini bins.
Call us today or “book a bin” today and remove that unwanted rubbish and waste from your home or business.

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Arrange your skip bin hire in Greensborough with Jim’s

If you need a skip bin in the Greensborough area, there is no better place to call than Jim’s Skip Bins. We are part of the same famous home maintenance service brand that has been operating continuously in Australia since the 1980s.

Choosing to hire your skip bin from us is a smart choice because we offer excellent value, outstanding service, and the reassurance of Jim’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This means you can have total confidence when you hire a skip bin in Greensborough from Jim’s Skip Bins.

Customers can have different needs and budget ranges, so we have a range of sizes available to suit every requirement. All our bins are delivered clean and in top condition, ready to be used. We deliver and pick up on time, and we install the bin exactly where you need it to be placed.

You can rely on Jim’s Skip Bins for excellence in providing your skip bin hire service in Greensborough.

Is a permit needed for skip bins in Greensborough?

Greensborough is complicated, with some areas of the suburb governed by the City of Banyule and other areas governed by the Shire of Nillumbik, and the policies of each council are very different from each other. You’ll probably be already aware of which section your home is located in.

The simplest situation will be if you can manage to site the skip bin entirely within the boundary of your own privately owned property. If you can do this, you won’t need to bother with a permit, saving you time and money.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to put the skip bin on your own property because there’s not enough room. In these cases, people usually put the skip bin on the nature strip (if there is one and if the local council permits it) or directly on the road. Few councils in Melbourne allow a skip bin to be placed on a sidewalk.

Of the two councils governing this suburb, the one with the most complete skip bin policy is the City of Banyule. Here you will need to satisfy the safety and insurance requirements (already taken care of the moment you decided to hire from Jim’s Skip Bins), and pay the fee which is currently $145 for 7 days, including GST.

We are here to help, so you can rely on us to handle the permit application for you. Even so, we still recommend that it’s best to try and make room on your own property for the bin if you possibly can.

If you need to get your permit from the Shire of Nillumbik, the cost will be only $46 for 4 days, and there are some additional requirements the council has, including:

  • You must sign an indemnity document which indemnifies the council of any liability (this is in addition to the requirement to show proof of $10 million of public liability insurance)
  • The bin can not have a greater capacity than 2.5 cubic metres
  • The bin can not be located on the site for more than 4 days per calendar month
  • It must be placed in accordance with the  Vic Roads Guidelines for placement of skip bins on public land

We will help as much as we can to make sure you don’t have any problems with the council and to ensure you enjoy a smooth skip bin hiring experience. Call Jim’s Skip Bins on 131-546 for more information.

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