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Skip Bin Hire in Bentleigh

We have a huge range of waste containers available for short and long term hire.
We offer 2 metre, 3 metre 4 metre, 6 metre, 8 metre rubbish bins and car waste removal in some areas.

For over 17 years Jim’s waste removal franchises have developed a reputation second to none.
Our franchise is governed by the Jim’s Group 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you are fully satisfied with our service.

No matter how big or how small we have bins for hire to suit your needs like the mini bins.
Call us today or “book a bin” today and remove that unwanted rubbish and waste from your home or business.

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Skip Bins Service in Bentleigh

Waste is one of the most talked about topics with regards to environmental conservation. Millions of tonnes of waste are produced each year all around the world and with measures constantly being refined and introduced to better deal with it; consumers are increasingly aware of the part that they must play if we are to turnaround the negative impact it can have on the planet.

As such, if you want to improve and streamline your waste disposal process then hiring a skip bin hire service in Bentleigh could be the perfect solution.

Here at Jim’s Skip Bins, we have been working all across Australia for over a decade. Our professional franchisees work to a particularly high standard in their communities and endeavour to make a positive environmental impact through the service that they bring. When it comes to waste recycling and removal, there are no better people to contact because we not only seek to help the planet, but we want to make it easier for you to access the services that can make that a reality, too.

We are open all week long and can be reached on the phone from 7 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Friday, and from 8 AM to 6 PM, Saturday and Sunday. Our easy to complete online form will equip you with a free, no-obligation quote within 10 minutes, and from there you can start to browse the different options available to you, or discuss the specifics of your needs with our team.

Do You Need a Permit to Rent a Skip?

Residential customers often ask whether they need to obtain a permit when they are considering hiring one of our skips. Here at Jim’s Skip Bins, we always encourage you to contact your local council to determine what their exact requirements are since these can change from state to state.

However, if the skip bins you hire in Bentleigh will be placed and kept within the boundaries of your property, then you most likely will not require a permit. That said, if the only space that you have is on a public road or on Council land, then it is necessary to obtain a permit before the skip is placed on the site.

The reason that it is important to get a skip when using public roads or Council land is that each case is assessed individually to determine how the presence of the skip for the duration that you intend to hire it will impact on public safety, amenity and drainage. The Council will also consider whether it might bring about damage to the roads.

As such, since this is an issue that is not in your hands, it is recommended that you apply for your permit a minimum of 5 working days before the anticipated delivery of your skip.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Despite the fact that we have over 3,500 franchisees across the country, here at Jim’s Skip Bins, our approach is the same everywhere we serve, and that is to bring the personal touch to our customers and a sense of local familiarity that you can call on 7 days a week.

For further inquiries about skip bin hire in Bentleigh, or to arrange for the hire of our skips, get in touch with one of our friendly customer service agents today. Rest assured, that in choosing Jim’s Skip Bins, you gain a service that is second to none, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to delivering our skip bins to your property soon.

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