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Skip Bin Hire in Bendigo

We have a huge range of waste containers available for short and long term hire.
We offer 2 metre, 3 metre 4 metre, 6 metre, 8 metre rubbish bins and car waste removal in some areas.

For over 17 years Jim’s waste removal franchises have developed a reputation second to none.
Our franchise is governed by the Jim’s Group 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you are fully satisfied with our service.

No matter how big or how small we have bins for hire to suit your needs like the mini bins.
Call us today or “book a bin” today and remove that unwanted rubbish and waste from your home or business.

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Skip Bins Delivered to Bendigo

All work sites generate a lot of waste. Whether they are professional sites or a DIY effort by a homeowner, no matter what changes are being made to a building or a plot of land, it is inevitable that a considerable amount of waste will be created. The requirement to properly dispose of waste means that it is necessary to find an appropriate way to gather the different kinds of materials and in dedicated spaces that make it simple to dispose of them later.

Here at Jim’s Skip Bins, our professional skip bin hire service in Bendigo is one that construction companies and residential developers turn to time and time again. Our reputation has gone from strength-to-strength since we started out back in 2007. This is chiefly down to the diligence and dedication of our franchisees, each of whom was carefully selected on the basis of their consistently high standards and drive to achieve more for their customers than any other service provider.

We are open for business seven days a week, from 7 AM to 10 PM Monday to Friday and from 8 AM to 6 PM on the weekends. No matter what your requirements are for waste space, rest assured that we have an extensive range of bins ready to deliver. All you have to do is get in touch or request a free quote.

When Safety on a Worksite is Paramount

While the issue of disposing of waste properly is a key concern for those that operate busy work sites, it goes without saying that safety is one of the primary concerns that all builders and labourers will think about every day.  Skip bins give Bendigo’s builders the means to create dedicated areas on their site, which are specifically used for waste disposal purposes.

Any site that fails to cater directly to the disposal of waste puts those that work there in immediate danger throughout the day. All it takes is for some sharp objects that are set aside to fall over or get trampled on for your workers to require medical attention. What’s more, the disruption to the day will inevitably set you back a few dollars, and may even require that you spend time trying to find replacement workers.

Nobody wants to earn a bad reputation as a result of their professional practices. When it comes to construction, demolition and sites of this nature, the last thing you want is for your efforts to create an environmental issue as a result of pollution. Having sturdy skip bins in place ensures that once you dump materials that could potentially leak, or that are of a harsh chemical nature, there is no risk that they will have a negative effect on the surrounding environs.

A Waste Disposal Solution That Works for You

At Jim’s Skip Bins, we are the ideal partner for those that are undertaking any construction project, given our ability to deliver promptly and our dedication to treating all waste collected ethically. Furthermore, when it comes to price, we do our utmost to make the terms as favourable as possible to you. We offer complete flexibility in terms of the duration you hire our skip bins for. This affords Bendigo natives a level of control over their budget and schedule that makes it possible to save.

So, whether it’s a major renovation, or a demolition job, or the start of a brand new build, get in touch with us today and let’s figure out a waste disposal solution that works best for you.

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