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Skip Bins Service in Ballarat

Those that have been through the process of clearing out a house when moving or when taking over the property from an elderly relative will appreciate just how much waste is generated in a short amount of time.

Such occasions will test even the most patient of people, simply because there are countless places in every single house that house hidden items that have been built up over the years and forgotten about. Where your disposal needs exceed the capacity of the bins you have, our skip bin hire service helps Ballarat residents get the job done quickly, and move on with ease.

Here at Jim’s Skip Bins, we have seen the smallest of properties generate a huge amount of waste when they were cleared out. We have also seen people that were unaware of the availability of our service driving up and down the road to and from the dump and recycle centres with trailers full of bags. Our goal is to make the waste disposal process easy for everyone that has a large amount of trash to get rid of.

Our professional and well-trained franchisees serve countless thousands of Australians just like you every single day. We have modern trucks and equipment and we believe in delivering a service that is as convenient and on-demand as the world we live in expects. Our high standards are unquestionable and you can expect to not only get a great price but to have a friendly professional face delivering and removing from your property.

The Benefits Skip Bins Offer

Those that are considering the possibility of hiring skip bins in Ballarat are encouraged to think about the many benefits that they offer.

First of all, you will undoubtedly save time and money. There will be no need to drive to and from the dump; there will be no need to go to great lengths to ensure that your recycling is handled properly and in accordance with the local council laws and you won’t have to go to any effort other than dropping your waste into the skip.

At Jim’s Skip Bins, we are committed to providing an environmentally conscious service. As such, we take full responsibility for your waste once it is collected from your property and will ensure that it is properly looked after. Our trained professionals are fully aware of the rules and regulations that apply across the different regions of Australia so you can count on us for a thorough and responsible service.

Getting rid of all of your waste in one fell swoop is, without doubt, one of the major benefits of choosing to hire skip bins for your home. The environmental impact of making multiple trips in your car aside, do you really want to spend all that money on gasoline? The ideal option is to hire a skip bin that can comfortably handle all of your waste so that one truck journey is all that’s needed to ship it all away.

Convenience is King

Convenience is perhaps the greatest benefit of skip bin hire. Ballarat residents are encouraged to get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We let you choose when and where you want our bins delivered and we only charge you for the time that you need them. It’s a simple and effective means to achieving more affordable waste disposal.

So, regardless of how big or small that house you’re clearing out is, trust that the team here at Jim’s Skip Bins have the perfect bins ready to drop off at your convenience.

Jim’s Skip Bins Ballarat

Robert Duncanson – Jim’s Local Agents

Meet Robert Duncanson, franchisee for Jim’s Skip Bins in Greater Ballarat.

Our Aim is to build a successful skip bin and rubbish removal business in and around Ballarat, with customer service & satisfaction being our top priority.

We try and recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. Substantial discounts are offered for Skip Bins with 100% Bricks/Concrete, 100% Metal, and 100% Green Waste. I can take these bins to a recycler at lower cost than the Landfill outside Smythesdale. I always pass on the savings to the customer. We have a mini skip hire service in Ballarat that can manage your waste removal. We have bins in all sizes from 2 meter mini skips to 8 meter skip bins.

We started Jim’s Skip Bins Ballarat in July 2013 and have increased the number of customers every month since. I’ve had excellent feedback with many referrals and repeat customers, so I take that as confirmation that we do a good job.

Please give us a call on 131546 or email me at to discuss your rubbish needs.

We have got range of bins ranging from 2 – 8 cubic meters, all with wheel barrow doors.

  • Servicing Greater Ballarat.
  • Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Builders.
  • Friendly reliable service.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • We provide a discount for bins that contain 100% soil, 100% concrete, 100% green waste or metal.
  • Fully insured – public liability.
  • OH&S certified drivers.

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