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When it comes to great value skips and excellent service, Jim’s Skip Bins Altona has you covered! Our flexible hiring periods and 100% satisfaction guarantee means hiring a skip bin has never been easier. Whether you’re clearing up the garden, renovating the laundry, or doing a large scale construction project, you’ll find a skip bin suited to your requirements. Our range of skips includes mini skips for those smaller household projects up to maxi commercial skips. Get in touch today to receive your free and non-committal quote.

Looking to hire a skip in Altona and surrounding areas?

If there’s one thing us Altona locals are proud of, it’s our beautiful beach and parks. Jim’s Skip Bins Altona is passionate about conserving our environment which means ensuring we dispose of your waste sustainably. Whether you’re knocking up a playhouse for the kids or renovating your kitchen, hiring a skip bin is a responsible and affordable way to do your bit for the Altona environment.

Simply get in touch with Jim’s Skip Bins Altona to have your bin promptly delivered to your home or commercial site. With our variety of bin sizes, we’ve got you covered for every project. When you choose Jim’s Skip Bins Altona, you can rest assured that your household, garden or commercial waste will be disposed of according to council regulations.

About the Altona area

Melbourne suburb Altona falls under the City of Hobsons Bay. With the biggest and most pristine swimming beach in the western suburbs, Altona boasts natural beauty. Our significant parklands and protected wetlands provide beautiful landscapes with proximity to the Melbourne Central Business District. In Altona, we take environmental conservation seriously so we trust Jim’s Skip Bins to manage our waste responsibly. Get in touch with our friendly local team to discuss your waste requirements.

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Arrange your skip bin hire in Altona with Jim’s

Since the 1980s there is one name that has stood out from the rest when it comes to home maintenance, and that’s Jim’s. We started out as a mowing business, but we’ve grown to include many more services, and one of the most recent additions is skip bin hire. We’re proud to now offer our skip bin hire service in Altona and surrounding areas.

We offer our customers more choice, better value, and the same high quality service that you’ve come to expect from any Jim’s franchise. In fact it’s all backed by Jim’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be fully confident when you arrange your skip bin hire from Jim’s Skip Bins in Altona.

What this means for you is your skip bin will be delivered on time to the correct location by friendly staff who will make every effort to ensure you will not experience any problems. When the bin is full, we will come to take it away and empty it for you, and we can even replace it with a fresh bin. We have multiple different sizes of skip bins available to suit different needs, available space, and budget range.

Whatever your skip bin needs may be, you will find the solution at Jim’s Skip Bins in Altona.

Is a permit required for skip bins in Altona?

Altona is part of the City of Hobson’s Bay, a large multi-suburb amalgamation in Melbourne’s west end, composed of Altona, Altona Meadows, Altona North, Newport, Seabrook, Seaholme, South Kingsville, Spotswood, Williamstown, Williamstown North, and parts of Brooklyn and Laverton.

Hobson’s Bay has a fairly relaxed policy when it comes to skip bins, and you’ll only need a permit if you’re not able to site the bin entirely within the boundary of your own private property (note that this does not include the portion of your driveway that crosses the sidewalk, nor the road verge or nature strip.  The bin must be completely on the homestead side of the sidewalk, and not protruding in any way, or you will need a permit.

When you can’t fit the bin on your own land, or don’t want to, the alternative is to locate it outside of your property, and this is when it’s necessary to have a permit. Hobson’s Bay differs from many other councils around Victoria in that they are one of the few that allow parking of a skip bin on a nature strip. If you can do this, it is preferable to having it located on the roadway.

Hobson’s Bay City Council charges $60 for a three day permit, which is comparatively high. If you need it for longer than that, you’ll have to pay $30 per day, which is much higher than the average skip bin permit cost across the state or even across the nation.

This is why we definitely recommend that residents of Altona and the nearby areas should carefully plan ahead before hiring the skip bin, so you can be sure of having room for the bin on your own property. It just makes everything much easier and less expensive.

If you decide you want to go ahead and get a permit anyway, the application process is simple. The permit is not automatically granted, however. There is a process the council goes through to make sure the public won’t be unduly endangered or inconvenienced by the placement of the bin, and then they grant the permit. We can help if you need help with getting a permit.

Our number is 131-546. Call us to arrange for the hire of your skip bin, assistance with obtaining a permit, skip bin advice, or simply to ask a question. You are always assured of friendly service and personal attention at Jim’s.

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