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Skip Bin Hire – Mitcham, SA

Peter Bertram- Jim’s Local Agent

Peter and his wife Michele have lived and brought up their family in the Mitcham Hills for the last 25 years after moving to Adelaide from Mount Gambier. Peter’s working life started in retail sales and subsequently after returning to study had a long and successful career in the Corporate ITC Industry managing various teams servicing large Enterprise and Government clients. Embracing the opportunity for a substantial change in career direction and building a future outside of the Corporate environment, Peter and Michele purchased the Jim’s Skip Bins Mitcham territory. Michele’s extensive ongoing experience in Accounting has been invaluable in supporting the business and well as providing hands- on operational support when she can.

Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service and seeing things from our customer’s point of view. After experiencing disappointment in our own dealings with various trade services in the past we believe we recognise what is needed to exceed customer expectations.

We pride ourselves on our friendly professional approach, clear communication, punctuality, honesty and delivering on promises.

Servicing the greater Metropolitan area with a particular focus on Southern and Hills suburbs we can provide a competitive quote on skip hire services with bin sizes including 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 6m3 and 9m3. We also attempt to sort and recycle wherever possible to minimise landfill and are always looking at initiatives to improve our efficiency in this area.

Put simply our aim is to make skip bin hire a simple, trouble-free experience for our customers.

We look forward to talking you to discuss your requirements.


Jim’s is a well-known franchise chain in Australia, established in the 1980s and still going strong today. We are already famous for services like lawn mowing and window cleaning, but did you know that we now also offer skip bin hire service in Mitcham and surrounding areas of Adelaide through Jim’s Skip Bins?

When you need a skip bin, Jim’s is the best choice because we can provide you with excellent value and top quality. Our customer service is legendary, and it’s also supported by Jim’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can hire with total confidence.

We have a range of bin sizes available to suit different needs and budgets, so whatever kind of skip bin is required for your property, we are sure to have it.


If you’re able to locate the skip bin on your own land that you privately own, then you won’t need a permit. This is a really good thing, saving time, money, and stress. Whenever it is possible, it’s always best to attempt to make sure there’s room on your own property.

Sometimes it may not be possible, and then you’ll need to site the bin on public land. In this case a permit is necessary. The fee for 2019 is $47.40 (subject to change at any time), and the permit is good for 1 to 3 days (no extension possible).

When you apply for a permit, you need to provide a detailed sketch of the proposed location site. If your location is likely to “affect pedestrian or vehicular traffic”, you’ll also need to include a traffic control plan. The application needs to be made at least 10 working days in advance of when you require the permit to be available, and the application fee is non-refundable.

There are additional requirements compared to typical city councils around Australia, including:

  • You need to ensure the area around the skip bin has lighting to illuminate the bin. If this is not already there, you’ll need to add it. You may also need to erect barriers and warning signs. This is definitely not typical.
  • You need to ensure the safety of the public, including (and this is the unusual part) “to do all things necessary to prevent accidents or injury to persons”. The problem with this kind of wording is that it implies you’re responsible for everybody’s safety around the site at all times while the bin is there, even if they injure themselves in some way that is not related to the location of your skip bin.

Getting the permit is not normally too difficult in this area, but there is no way to be 100% sure it will be granted, and given that it’s non-refundable and comes with all these extra conditions it is very easy to see why it’s much better if you can possibly site the bin on your own property.

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