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We provide domestic and commercial rubbish skips in Adelaide that you can rely on. Our network of skip bin hire centres across the city covers everywhere from Aldinga Beach to Angle Vale, Port Adelaide to Beaumont and everywhere in between. Whether you’re doing a home renovation, a backyard project or a complete commercial construction, our range of skip bin sizes and varieties can cater for your needs. We have skips from 2m3 to 10m3 and flexible hire periods that can adapt to your schedule. 

Proper waste management is essential to following the law, keeping our streets clean and the environment healthy. Breaking the law by failing to dispose of your rubbish properly is costly and illegal, yet finding a sustainable way to manage large amounts of waste can be challenging. We believe it should be easy and affordable to do the right thing. That’s why we follow all local, state and national regulations for waste management regulations. By choosing to hire a skip with us, you’re choosing to do your part to keep Australia clean. To find out more about our services, or to get a free quote for your next skip hire, get in touch today.

Our Adelaide Locations

What you need to know about hiring a Skip Bin in Adelaide

Hiring a skip bin is a quick and easy way to manage your waste for any size project. While it is an easy process that our team will help you through, there are a few things you have to remember when hiring a rubbish skip in Adelaide. These can be boiled down to three things: where you want to put your skip, what you want to put in it and how much you can fill it. 

Skip Bin Location

It’s important to know exactly where you intend to put your skip bin as it will determine whether or not you require permission from your local council. If you want to put your skip on your private property, then you do not need approval so long as it does not obstruct any public land or access. If you wish to put your skip on public land, then you will need to apply for a permit from your local council. It’s essential that you do so before the arrival of your skip to ensure that you are not breaking any local regulations and won’t incur fines. 

Skip Bin Content Restrictions

While a skip bin is a great solution to disposing of most types of rubbish, there are certain materials and substances that you are restricted from putting in skips in Adelaide. The following items cannot be placed in your skip:

  • Asbestos or construction materials that contain asbestos
  • Batteries 
  • Car tyres 
  • Electrical appliances (electric stove, freezer, dishwasher, computer, and television etc)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs 
  • Medical waste (needles, syringes etc) 
  • Petrol, solvent, and paint 

Skip Bin Filling Regulations

In Adelaide it is illegal to transport skip bins that are filled beyond the dimensions of the container. This is to ensure that all waste is confined within the skip and won’t leave the bin during transit, endangering other drivers and littering the roads. As such, we cannot accept any bin filled beyond capacity. Any excess waste will be removed from the skip and picked up in a second trip. To avoid paying for extra transportation, we highly recommend choosing a larger size than your estimates to account for any unplanned additional waste.   

Skip Bin Sizes for hire in Adelaide

We offer a complete range of skip bin sizes to meet your needs for any type of project. From mini skip bins to help with small projects, all the way up to maxi skips for commercial endeavours. Our extensive range of skip bin sizes available in Adelaide includes: 

Mini Skip Bin Hire

Our smallest size is the mini skip, which is 2m3 in capacity. This is roughly equivalent to 25 large garbage bags. Mini skips are the preferred choice for domestic projects or small commercial work. These bins are small enough to fit in most backyards or front yards, providing great waste management solutions for the home. 

Midi Skip Bin Hire

The midi skips come in either 3m3 or 4m3 capacities. While still smaller than a standard skip bin, the midi range provides the perfect balance between size and convenience. These bins will fit onto most private properties, offering a convenient waste management solution for small to medium size projects. 

Standard Skip Bin Hire

Our standard skips, offered in a 6m3 or 8m3 size, are the most popular skip bins and the size you will have seen most frequently around construction sites and large home renovations. These are known as the ‘builder’s skip’ because you can use them to dispose of most types of waste, including construction materials like bricks and concrete. Standard skips come with convenient drop-down doors that allow easy access to fill. 

Maxi Skip Bin Hire

The largest size skips of the range are known as ‘maxi skips’ and come in either the 9m3 or 10m3 capacities. Maxis are the perfect choice for any large or long-term project, whether domestic or commercial, that is likely to create a lot of rubbish. Maxis are also a great choice for any project with oversized waste material that could protrude from the smaller skips. 

Why Choose Jim’s for Skip Hire in Adelaide?

Jim’s is the preferred choice for skip hire in Adelaide. Our wide network of professionals allows us to provide homes, businesses and communities throughout Adelaide and the wider region with an easy and reliable waste management solution. We strive to deliver the best customer experience along with the widest range of skip bin choices. Our mission is to ensure that sustainable rubbish disposal is accessible to everyone. We pride ourselves on being a skip bin hire service that is flexible, reliable and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

Flexible Skip Bin Hire Periods

Flexibility is essential when carrying out a project, whether it’s at home, work or on a construction site. Things change, timelines extend and success is dependent on your ability to adapt. We understand that it’s impossible to know the future, which is why we provide skip bin hire periods that are flexible and adaptable to your circumstances. When your project gets delayed, the last thing you want to worry about is your bin. We take the worry out of the skip hiring process and allow you to change your hire period as needed to help keep your project on track. 

Reliable Service

We’ve been building trust with the Adelaide community by providing reliable skip rentals with quality service since 1989. You don’t want to have to think more about your rubbish than you have to. We take the uncertainty out of the process. When you hire a skip with Jim’s, it will arrive exactly where you need it, when you need it, every time.

100% satisfaction guarantee on Skip Bin Hire

Our mission is to ensure that every customer experience is of the same high quality. We strive to provide unmatched standards through our friendly customer service, quality range of skip bin sizes, free quotes and flexible hire periods. That’s why we’re happy to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every skip hire. 

What you need to know about renting a skip bin in Adelaide

There are just three key things you need to consider when you rent a skip bin in Adelaide: 

1. What you plan to put in your bin

Not all waste can be put in a skip. As mentioned above, certain hazardous waste is prohibited from being put in a skip in Adelaide. You are also not allowed to dispose of all waste in all bins. While a ‘builder’s skip’ can take construction material, a green waste skip can only take organic materials. To find out which skip is optimal for your project, contact our team

2. The size skip bin you need

To determine the right bin for your needs it’s important to estimate the amount of waste you will create. You should consider the size, duration and type of project being conducted. We also recommend hiring a skip larger than your estimates to account for any excess rubbish created. This will prevent the need to pay for extra transportation if your waste exceeds the limits of your bin. For more information, check out the skip bin sizes page

3. Your budget for skip bin hire

The total cost of your skip bin hire is calculated by three factors: the size of the bin, the duration of the hire period and the number of transportations required. To help figure out your budget, we provide free quotes for all of our services. Just give us a call or fill out the online quote request form

Keep Australia Clean

We believe that smart, sustainable waste management solutions are an essential part of a clean community and a healthy environment. Our mission is to make skip bin hire simple, accessible and affordable for everyone. We follow all state and national environment regulations and only use landfills that meet Australian recycling standards. You can play your part in keeping Australia clean by choosing Jim’s Skips for your next project. Find out more by giving us a call on 131 546 today.  

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