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Skip Bin Hire Sunshine Coast

We have a huge range of waste containers available for short and long term hire.
We offer 2 metre, 3 metre 4 metre, 6 metre, 8 metre rubbish bins and car waste removal in some areas.

For over 17 years Jim’s waste removal franchises have developed a reputation second to none.
Our franchise is governed by the Jim’s Group 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you are fully satisfied with our service.

No matter how big or how small we have bins for hire to suit your needs like the mini bins.
Call us today or “book a bin” today and remove that unwanted rubbish and waste from your home or business.

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Sunshine Coast Skip Bins – Made for Your Convenience

Is there anything truly more exciting than giving your home a spruce up or a new facelift?

Whether those bright colours you first fell in love with have faded over time or you’ve just found yourself searching for something new, redecorating, refurnishing, and improving the overall look of your home is something that every homeowner dreams of at one point or another.

But what do you do with all of the household waste that may build up during this process? Spoiler: you don’t just throw it in the bin. Jim’s Skip Bins provide just the thing you need, offering skip bin hire in the Sunshine Coast and all accross Queensland. So, whether you’re looking for skip bins in Cairns or Brisbane, you’ve got your waste disposal needs covered.

Things To Consider When Hiring a Skip Bin in the Sunshine Coast

How do you know if you need a skip bin? How do you know whether or not you’re getting the skip bin hire cost? Is your skip bin just going to turn out to be a waste of time and money? Well, helpfully, we have broken down some of the key points we think you need to consider before deciding whether or not to hire a skip bin in Sunshine Coast:

  1. What are the laws of your local council concerning the disposal of household waste? As we said before, disposing of household waste is not as simple as just throwing it into a normal bin. In fact, local councils are quite strict on how you should dispose of certain things and promise substantial punishments if you fail to adhere to their guidelines.We recommend a quick Google search for your specific area, as it may differ from city to city, or you can just give us a call on 131 546 and we can walk you through it all. It is our job to know these things after all!
  2. Where can you store your bin and for how long? If you decide that a skip bin is for you, you need to think about where you will be able to store it whilst you are using it. Do you have a driveway that will provide adequate space?Or will you be keeping it on the side of the road? Both bring with them a host of pros and cons to consider. You also need to think about how long you need it for. Here at Jim’s Skip Bins Sunshine Coast, we can accommodate for any length of time, so all you have to do is ring us and tell us how long you need it for! We can also deliver the bin directly to you once you have decided where you want to store it.
  3. What size should I choose? This will largely depend on what it is that you are hoping to dispose of and how much of it there is. For example, large planks of wood would probably require more space than your average bag of garden waste. We offer sizes of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, or 10-metre-long bins, so whatever you need, we have it.

Have a Question About Hiring Skip Bins on the Sunshine Coast?

We hope that we have been some help in your decision-making process with these tips. However, if you find that you still have questions, or even if you would like to discuss starting the process of hiring a Sunshine Coast skip bin from us here at Jim’s Skip Bins, give us a call on 131 546.

You can be sure you’re in safe hands as we take pride on our 100% satisfaction guarantee! So, what are you waiting for? Your new, rejuvenated home is waiting!

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