What Type Of Skip Bin Do You Need To Hire?

Hiring a skip bin for a commercial or residential project? At Jim’s, we have a wide range of bin types and sizes to cater for different categories of waste. Getting the best value out of your skip bin hire starts with choosing the right skip for your specific waste requirements. Here’s our handy guide to the different types of skips and how to choose the right one for your project. 

Types of skips 

Our skips fall into three major types; marrel, hook and mobile. These bins are typed by how they are transported and loaded on the truck. We’ve included the different features of  each bin and the waste types that they are best suited for.

Hook Skip Bins 

Hook bins are larger than the standard marrel skip, and tend to be best suited for bigger projects like house renovations and commercial construction. Their straight walls make it easy to stack flat materials like plaster board and timber. Hook skips tend to work well for high volumes of light waste.

Mobile Skip Bins

Mobile skips, also known as mini skips, are considerably smaller than marrel and hook skips. Mobile skips are easy to transport and due to their small size, they are great for more minor projects like spring cleans or garden projects. 

Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel skips are some of the most common skip bins and considered a great general bin. Suitable for a wide variety of waste types, marrel skips are made of strong steel so they can handle heavier weight loads. The shorter walls and shape of a marrel bin makes it easy to load, however make sure to not overload your bin as we won’t be able to collect it and dispose of your waste.

Choosing the right skip

Choosing the right type of skip will depend on the nature and scale of your project. You can use our handy waste type guide as well as our skip bin size guide. Getting touch with your local franchisee is also a great way to get a skip type recommendation specific to your waste requirements.

It’s important to note that there are some waste types that you can’t put in your skip bin. Hazardous materials like wet paint, chemicals, and asbestos can’t go in any of our skip bins. You can arrange safe disposal of asbestos through Jim’s Asbestos Removal & inspection.

Putrescible waste like food scraps and decaying animal matter are best disposed of in your ordinary green waste bin. If you are wanting to dispose of old mattresses and tires then please let us know beforehand. Have more questions about choosing the right skip bin? Get in touch with us today!