What You Can’t Put In Your Skip Bin?

We at Jim’s Skip Bins take sustainable waste management seriously. Preserving the Australian environment means disposing of waste responsibly. We play our part by rigorously following all required regulations and sorting waste from our skips to be sorted or recycled at the appropriate facilities. You can do your part by ensuring to not put any hazardous materials in your skip. 

What cannot go in a skip bin?

Although many types of household and commercial waste can go in skip bins, there are few things that can’t. It’s important to know what to avoid putting in your skip bin as some items may contaminate the whole bin and can be dangerous to our team and the environment. 

Putrescible Waste 

Waste likely to decay, or putrescible waste, should not be disposed of using skip bin hire. This includes waste from food, animals, manure, disposable nappies, etc. An easy way to avoid putting putrescible waste in your bin is to think about the item sitting in the bin for a period of time. Will it likely rot, begin to smell or potentially create any other nuisances such as luring pests? Then don’t place it in your skip bin. 

You can dispose of your food and putrescible household waste in your green household bin. If you’ve got organic materials, such as old fruit and vegetables and animal poo, you can dispose of it in a home or local compost. In the case of animal carcass, you can either bury it in your backyard or contact your local vet or council to arrange correct disposal. 


Often found in older buildings, asbestos can be highly toxic if mishandled. Due to its hazardous nature, do not place any asbestos within your skip bin. Instead, contact Jim’s Asbestos Removal for a safe and easy removal. 

Chemicals, Wet Paint and Oil 

When it comes to disposing of chemicals, wet paint and oils, do not place them in your skip bin. Examples of harmful chemicals you should avoid placing in your bin include rat poison, detergents, and fuels. We also do not accept wet paint, however dry paint is fine to dispose of in your skip. 

You can safely dispose of your chemical, paint and oil waste with Planet Ark. Simply enter your postcode here to find a suitable disposal facility near you. 

Electrical Waste

Although we do accept electrical supplies, you can cut out the middleman and make more room in your skip by directly recycling these materials. Examples of electrical waste which can be recycled include phones, laptops and televisions. These items are all composed of rare minerals which are currently in short demand. 

To recycle your electronics, head to Ecoactiv and book an easy pickup. Helping to dispose of these materials responsibly is contributing to the circular economy and preventing soil and water contamination. 

Medical Waste

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in commercial and household medical waste. Whether it be used gloves, needles, or any other medical materials, do not dispose of it in your skip bin. Incorrect disposal could lead to the spread of infectious diseases, injury via sharps, and toxic chemicals contaminating the environment. 

To avoid this, dispose of your medical waste with a licensed healthcare waste management service. You can also dispose of unwanted or expired medications via Planet Ark

Flammable Materials

Placing any flammable materials, including explosives and batteries, in your skip bin is dangerous and could risk the lives of your family, neighbours and our team. To avoid starting any fires, check with your local council on how to correctly dispose of your hazardous materials or dispose of it via Planet Ark

Gas Bottles and Fire Extinguishers

Gas Bottles and Fire Extinguishers can explode in heat or pressure when the bin is tipped, so these should be dropped off at approved centres, where they can be processed safely. Some swap and go petrol stations accept gas bottles in working condition and several tips also accept both gas bottles and Fire Extinguishers. 

Putting this in your skip? Notify us!

There are a few types of waste which are more difficult and costly to dispose of so it’s best to let us know during your quotation as they incur an extra charge. This includes general waste such as mattresses, tyres, carpet (large quantities) and artificial grass. Green waste such as large tree stumps, bamboo and Agapanthus plants.

Still unsure?

If you are unsure about whether you can dispose of an item in one of our skip bins, then please get in touch. Our friendly team can advise you according to specific State and council guidelines. It’s best to ask before chucking it in the bin and potentially contaminating the other materials.