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What Type Of Skip Bin Do You Need To Hire?

Hiring a skip bin for a commercial or residential project? At Jim’s, we have a wide range of bin types and sizes to cater for different categories of waste. Getting the best value out of your skip bin hire starts with choosing the right skip for your specific waste requirements. Here’s our handy guide to […]

Where does skip bin rubbish go?

One of the best things about hiring a skip bin is not having to deal with the rubbish once the skip hire company takes it away. While that makes it easy for you, it doesn’t mean the rubbish simply disappears. The rubbish gets taken through a whole treatment process to ensure it ends up in […]

Guide to Skip Bin Permits & Placement

Hiring a skip bin is a great way to save yourself some space, prevent mess and reduce cleanup time during a home or business project. The point of a skip bin is to make your life easier. However, violating skip bin permit requirements or placing it in the wrong location can get you into trouble […]

Choosing the right size skip bin

When it comes to hiring a skip bin, the biggest decision you will have to make is between skip bin sizes. Choosing a skip bin might sound relatively straightforward. However, the type of skip you choose will have a big effect on your project. It will impact the amount of space available for waste disposal, […]