When it comes to quality skip bin hire in the ACT, look no further than Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra. Whether you’re in Tuggeranong, Gungahlin, Fyshwick, Holt or anywhere in between, you’ll receive your skip bin promptly. Catering for both commercial and domestic needs, we offer a range of sizes to suit every requirement. Doing a small home renovation, cleaning up the backyard, or even a large-scale construction build? Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra will provide you with a top tier skip bin and our signature excellent service.

We’re passionate about doing our bit for the environment and reducing unnecessary rubbish around Canberra. When you choose Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra, you are assured that your waste will be disposed of both sustainably and responsibly in a licensed landfill. As the trusted choice for waste management in the ACT, we pride ourselves on offering an easy, affordable and environmentally friendly service for all Canberrans.

Reputable and highly recommended by locals, you can trust Jim’s. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we will ensure that you have the best possible experience with Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra. Enquire today for a free and non-committal quote.

What you need to know about hiring a Skip Bin in Canberra

Hiring a skip bin in Canberra is easy. If you’re using a skip bin for commercial use and would like to place it on public or body corporate property, then you will need to apply for a permit from the ACT Government. You can find the required permit here.

Skip Bin Location

Each council region has its own specific bylaws and regulations that determine the processes you must follow for using public land or property. As such, if you intend to have your skip bin placed on a footpath, nature strip or road, you’ll need to arrange a permit from your local council. Get in contact with our team and we’ll happily step you through the process of organising your skip bin to be delivered on private property.

Skip Bin Content Restrictions

While a skip bin is ideal for easy disposal of most types of waste, due to environmental legislation there are some materials that cannot be thrown in with the rest of your rubbish. State and federal law prohibits the disposal of environmentally harmful waste, including asbestos, liquids, tyres, paints, solvents, acids, oils, poisons, needles, syringes, explosives and any other hazardous substances in standard skip bins. If you have any such prohibited waste material that you need assistance disposing of, you can contact us about specialty skip bin hire for hazardous material. 

Skip Bin Sizes for hire in Canberra

Jim’s Skip Bins – a size for every project

When it comes to Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra, we offer a wide variety of sizes. Whether you are embarking on a small bathroom renovation, an ambitious garden project, or large-scale commercial construction, we have a bin that will cater for your needs. Offering both skip bins and mini skips, we have 2 metre mini bins to 31 metre hooklift bins.

Unsure on what size skip bin you need? Get in touch with the friendly team at Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra to find out what bin best suits your project.

Mini Skip Bin Hire

Our mini skip bin is the smallest of our bins at 2 metres and is best suited for domestic projects such as disposing of house and garden waste. To best understand the size and rubbish capacity, imagine approximately 25 large black garbage bags.

Midi Skip Bin Hire

The ‘midi skip bin’ sizes come in either the 3m3 or 4m3 capacities. The midi skip bins are the ideal choice for most home renovation or remodelling projects. These are especially useful for kitchen, bathroom or garden clearances which tend to escalate in waste volume over the course of the project. 

Standard Skip Bin Hire

The 6m3 and 8m3 skip bins are our standard sizes as they are suitable for most domestic and commercial waste management projects. Both standard skip bin sizes are available with drop-down doors which are highly convenient for easy access during a large clearance or remodelling project. The 6m3 skip bin is known as a ‘builder’s skip’ as this is the favoured choice for most building projects. However the 8m3 skip is the recommended size for most construction projects without clear volume estimates. 

Maxi Skip Bin Hire

For those larger projects, we recommend our Maxi Skip bins. Ranging from 6 metres to 10 metres, these skips are best suited for large household waste, soil and garden waste, and commercial builder waste.

Why Choose Jims for Skip Hire in Canberra?

You can rely on Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra to deliver top-tier bins at affordable prices. Having been around since 2007, we know a thing or two about providing our Canberra customers with the best possible skip bin experience. Our flexible hiring periods and prompt delivery means it’s easy and efficient to receive your bin. With an excellent reputation and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you won’t regret getting your bin from Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra.

Flexible Skip Bin Hire Periods

When it comes to flexible skip bin hire in Canberra, there’s no better choice than Jim’s Skip Bins. Our flexible hiring periods make it easy and affordable to hire a skip bin. There’s no need to worry over strict hiring periods when you choose Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra. 

Reliable Service

In Jim, we trust.

When it comes to reliable service, you can trust Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra. Our prompt and friendly delivery team will ensure you receive your skip bin as efficiently as possible. Since 2007, our Canberra customers have relied on our speedy and trustworthy service. Trust Jim’s Skip Bins. 

100% satisfaction guarantee on Skip Bin Hire

At Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra, we take our customer satisfaction seriously. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. If you’re unsatisfied with your Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra experience, then you are guaranteed that we will immediately rectify the situation. 

What you need to know before renting a skip bin in Canberra

When it comes to hiring your skin bin from Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra, you’ll need to be aware of a few things.

What can I put in my skip bin?

Majority of your waste generated from domestic or commercial projects can be put in your skip bin. This includes household waste (newspapers, clothes etc), whitegoods, garden waste (soil, leaves, branches, etc), furniture, and renovation waste. 

In Canberra, it is illegal to put explosives, chemicals, asbestos, fluorescent lights, gas bottles, paint and any other environmentally unfriendly materials or substances in your skip bin. You’ll also need to ensure that your rubbish is level with the top of the bin and not overflowing.

If you’re unsure about what materials you can and can’t dispose of in our skips then please get in contact. Our friendly team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns. 

How much does it cost to hire a skip bin?

We offer some of the most affordable skip bins in Canberra. Our rates vary based on the rental duration and bin size. To receive an estimate on your skip bins hire, request a free and no obligation quote via our website. Otherwise, get in contact to discuss your options. 

How do I choose the right bin size?

When choosing the right sized bin for your project, we recommend going with a bigger bin over a smaller one. In the ACT, it is illegal to transport skips that are overflowing or are filled to the brim. You’ll need to ensure your rubbish is level with the top of the bin in order for it to be disposed of. Opting for a bigger bin can prevent multiple trips to landfill or potential fines from the local council. To find the ideal sized bin for your project, then check out our available bin options or get in contact with our friendly Canberra team. 

Is Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra environmentally friendly?

Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra isn’t just another popular franchise – we take our responsibility to the ACT environment seriously. As Canberra locals, we are familiar with the council rules on safe and legal waste management. When you choose Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra, your waste will be disposed of sustainably and responsibly at a licensed landfill. Do your part for the environment by hiring a skip bin from Jim’s Skip Bins Canberra.

Keep Australia Clean

We are dedicated to providing sustainable waste management solutions to all of Australia. All of our processes are rigorously designed to follow Canberra’s state and local environmental regulations. That’s why we dispose of all our waste according to local landfill regulations and only use approved landfills that meet Australian recycling standards. Ensure that your next domestic or commercial project is following the law and doing its part to keep Australia clean by choosing Jim’s Skip Bins. 

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